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The EchinoDesign exhibition is an international opportunity to investigate the relationship between design and science from a biomimetic perspective. Biomimetics is a discipline that draws inspiration from principles, logics, morphologies, structures and materials observed in nature. The exhibition will be held virtually and physically including design-driven products and artistic/scientific installations dedicated to the interpretation of echinoids (sea urchins) from multiple perspectives. Starting from April 15, 2021, the call will be opened: creatives and scientists can submit their echinoid-inspired projects that will be evaluated by a scientific committee. Candidates can consult the information present in the section Learning from Echinoids, interpreting them on the basis of the application area retained most suitable between art, science and design (furniture products, medical, sports, jewellery, electronic devices, new materials, paintings, sculptures, poems, etc.). The selected projects can also be developed in collaboration with companies and with the support of the scientific committee. 

Seminars and international workshops on the topic of biomimetics and sustainable innovation will be held during the exhibition. 

The exhibition originates from biomimetic research on echinoids aimed at transferring properties, logics, functions and materials to industrial sustainable products. The research was carried out by an interdisciplinary team of biologists, engineers and designersin which the mutual collaboration between different knowledge led to faster and more original advances in the single discipline involved and in pursuing new forms of innovation, more sustainable and adherent to the complex contemporary society. 

The exhibition is an international occasion to investigate the relationship between biology, engineering and design, illustrating approaches and visions that can integrate different competences, overcoming disciplinary boundaries and thus applying pure creative science. 

The exhibition will open in December 2021 at Città della Scienza, Naples, and virtually on an online platform designed as itinerant and accessible at national and an international level. 

Through the intersection of different interpretations on the theme, the exhibition intends to offer an inclusive and emotionally intense experience allowing visitors, even less expert ones, to immerge themselvein the fascinating world of echinoids and to understand both their incredible environmental value and their inspirational potential for the development of new products and technological/ sustainable innovations. 


A scientific committee composed of designers, biologists and engineers will evaluate and select the projects based on the coherence between biological abstraction and  technical or artistic application of one or morchosen features related to  Echinoids.

The results will be published June 15, 2021. From this date, the projects selected must be developed and produced in prototypes and submitted by November 15, 2021. The exhibition will be inaugurated in December 2021.

During the developmental phase of the projects, the organizers and scientific committee will offer technical support. 


The call will open April 15, 2021 and the projects can be submitted to echinoidesign@gmail.com within June 15th, 2021. 

The following information must be indicated together with the submission:  

• biological inspiration (i.e., one or more characteristics of the echinoid
• problems faced (technical, social or environmental)
• elements of innovation with respect to the state of the art
• materials and technologies used

Echinodesign: the project

EchinoDesign originated from the interdisciplinary Ph.D. Research entitled “Mechanical design of the echinoid endoskeleton and inspired industrial details for design engineering in the Industry 4.0 Era” of “Environmental, Design and Innovation” Program PON 2014-2020University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli and the Hybrid Design Lab. 

The research focused on morphological and mechanical analysis of the echinoid skeletal structure aimed to acquire new biological insights and identify adaptive solutions useful for biomimetic transfer applications in engineering and industrial design 4.0.